Just Don't Die: Post Jam Update

Yo’, LFJ Templar here, I’m the main developer for LFJ Game studio, which is a new indie dev team with only two members, my comrade-at-arms is LFJ Saracen, he was in charge of level design, sfx, and UI, I did all the coding, and thus is my duty to tell you what went right, what went wrong, and my thoughts during the whole thing.

It was fun working on this, this is our first game, and our first jam, and the 48hrs deadline gave me as a developer a thrill I haven’t experienced in a while, I was euphoric during the whole thing, and the fact that I got the idea of making a sort of puzzle platformer game as soon as I saw the theme only stoke the fires even more.

Why Rush B is not always a good plan. or What went wrong.

This being our first jam, we made a lot of mistakes, we weren’t organized, there were no clear duties, no clear objectives, just rushing headfirst from stage to stage. Our biggest mistake by far was: Not enough playtesting, for a developer is obvious to press some KEY and expect something, you coded that KEY and coded the something, but for a player, is not obvious, and if you don’t tell them they’ll never find out without going crazy on their keyboard, even more, when your game is played from beginning to end with the mouse, adding ESC as your retry makes absolutely no sense.
I take full blame for this, I’m sorry; this is obviously not our only problem, but I think is the biggest, there were smaller, like bad z-index for Survibunny, particles were there shouldn’t be, levels too easy, this has all been addressed and fixed.

Why going around asking for feedback is fun. Or What went right

Thankfully, the game wasn’t complete trash, I believe at least one person had fun playing it and that’s the whole purpose of a game, the combination between 1-bit graphics, retro music, and difficulty made it a truly retro experience, the addition of red particles to Survibunny’s dead gave the intended effect and I truly love that.

If you read the whole thing, you’re amazing, leave us some feedback about the game, and we hope to see you again soon!


Just Don't Die for Windows 64-bit 44 MB
Jul 23, 2020
Just Don't Die for Windows 32-bit 46 MB
Jul 23, 2020
Just Don't Die for MacOS 19 MB
Jul 23, 2020
Just Don't Die for Linux 64-bit 50 MB
Jul 23, 2020
Just Don't Die for Linux 32-bit 47 MB
Jul 23, 2020

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