Battle hordes of enemies in this The World Ends With You inspired game.

  • Control two characters at the same time, they share health so make sure to keep on your toes on both sides!
  • Use mouse and keyboard to mow down enemies.
  • Literally world changing lore.


Use WASD to move the left side character, SPACE for a melee attack, and SHIFT for a ranged attack. The attacks are aimed at the direction you were going!.

Use right click to move the right side character, LEFT CLICK for a ranged attack, and LEFT CLICK HORIZONTAL DRAG for a melee attack, The attacks are aimed towards the end position of the mouse!.

Health is shared, when one takes damage, they both take damage, medieval communism!


  • Playing on fullscreen messes up the mouse character controls. You can still play but the origin where the position is calculated shifts to the center of the screen.


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